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Have you or a loved one been involved in a serious motorcycle accident? Has this accident resulted in a serious injury? At John A. McQueeney Law, we can help you seek compensation for damages resulting from your motorcycle accident. Many people assume that motorcyclists are at fault for road accidents. We understand the danger and risk of riding a motorcycle and give our riders the benefit of the doubt when defending cases. Our team will research and investigate your case to aggressively fight for your compensation.

When you are in a serious accident, let John A. McQueeney handle the force of the claims and build your case. We fight for you and help you get back on your ride. Call (401) 751-3600 now to speak with a dedicated motorcycle accident attorney in Providence, RI.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Providence, RI

3 Reasons to Hire an attorney after a serious accident

Our experienced Providence motorcycle attorney know how to increase your chances of compensation after an accident and get the money you deserve. You should hire a capable attorney after your accident because:

  1. We work with many cases involving auto and motorcycle accidents and have extensive knowledge and experience with the insurance and legal processes
  2. We walk you through your legal options in each unique situation, directing you towards the best outcome
  3. We can contact your insurance company to work out a personalized plan to fight against a reduced payout for each specific case to cover medical bills

Contact John A. McQueeney Law today to receive the help you need for your motorcycle accident case in Providence, RI. We can walk you through the legal process with a guiding and gentle hand.