One Construction Site Accident Can Wreck Your Life

Take your case to an accident attorney in Providence, RI

Did you get a limb caught in a piece of equipment at work? Did a defective product leave you in the hospital? You may deserve compensation. John A. McQueeney Law is a preferred law firm for construction site accident claims in Providence, RI.

Attorney McQueeney handles all types of construction site injury claims, from product liability to wrongful death. Get in touch with a construction site accident attorney now to see how much compensation you could be entitled to.

Construction site accident Attorney Providence, RI

Check out the leading causes of construction accidents

Unfortunately, there are many ways you could be injured on the job. If you were hurt in a...

  • Crane accident
  • Harness accident
  • Collapsed structure
  • Toxic substance spill
  • Fire or explosion
  • Falling object accident

... turn to a construction site accident attorney in Providence, RI. Call 401-751-3600 today to discuss the details of your construction site accident with the experienced attorney at John A. McQueeney Law.