Seek Compensation After A Boat Accident

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Maritime laws are complicated. You need to hire a qualified boat accident attorney to handle your case if you're hurt while at sea. John A. McQueeney Law is the law firm to call in Providence, RI.

Attorney McQueeney is well-versed in international, federal and local boating laws. He can file a personal injury claim that may get you compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Don't let an inexperienced boat accident attorney keep you from the compensation you deserve. Contact John A. McQueeney Law today to find out how a knowledgeable accident attorney can help you.

Boat Accident Attorney Providence, RI

How do boat accidents happen?

A fun day out on the water can turn into a hospital visit in no time. You could get injured if the boat captain:

  • Allows passengers to sit in inappropriate places while the boat is moving
  • Doesn't maintain a safe distance from other boats
  • Lets too many passengers on the boat

The boat accident attorney at John A. McQueeney Law has your back if something happens. Reach out to attorney McQueeney right away to begin the filing process. 4017513600